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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the United Gaming League or UGL?

United Gaming League is a video game tournament event that has a long-term of focusing on all aspects of competitive gaming. Currently the primary focus is the Fighting game genre but upon multiple successful events, the focus will expand until our goal is reached.

Are there any age restrictions?
*United Gaming League events are intended to invite participants of all ages however, in order to compete, one must be 18 and older without a signed waiver and consent form by their parent or legal guardian.
*A minor under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times with a signed assumption of Risk and Waiver Liability signed during the registration process of the United Gaming League event being attended.
*Falsification of age and/or failure to follow all age requirements will result in immediate removal of the United Gaming League event that the violator intends to be involved in.
Will I have to bring my own controller?
All competitors must bring their own controller as we will not supply any controllers during UGL Alpha 1. For certain games that are authorized to have adapters such as Super Smash Brothers Wii U. We will provide the adapter to allow the use of Nintendo Official GameCube controllers.
Will I be photographed or filmed during United Gaming League events?
Chances are pretty high that you will at some point so please keep that in mind. Hopefully you’re not camera shy as by entering our events, all attendees agree they may be photographed or filmed while visiting UGL events and consent to release all personal rights to any show images or videos produced at any UGL event.
Who is in charge of UGL events?
Leonardo Bullard and Alvin Eze.
Is there a Dress code and/or Grooming Policy?
As a matter-of-fact we do have both a dress code and a grooming policy. They can be found on the under the rules page here.
Will I be able to enter the tournament while inside of the venue?
Yes however keep in mind that at the moment, there a finite amount of entries allowed per game. Entries will be closed after the first round of pool matches have been completed or if the maximum number of registration slots have been filled in order to complete the event in a timely manner.
Are Spectators Allowed at United Gaming League events?
Absolutely! We welcome spectators and competitors alike. Of course spectators will pay less than those competing as they are not included into the prize pool.