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Gundam Versus

Game version: [Playstation 4]

Teams of 2

If you do not have a team, still register online solo, and staff will be on-site to help pair you with a partner.

Double Elimination

2/3 Games per Set

3/5 Games for Losers & Winners Finals

3/5 Games for Grand Finals

Tournament Rules

Stage (Pools): Agreement or Random

If opposing teams can come to an agreement on a single map, that stage will be set for their match. Otherwise, the stage will be set to Random Stage.

Players have an enforced max of 60 seconds during match preparation to come to an agreement, or they may report the agreed stage at any time before match has been called

Stage (Top 8): Pick/Ban

Each team alternates picking or banning stages from the pool of all remaining stages in the following order:

Team 1 Bans

Team 2 Bans

Team 2 Picks

Team 1 Picks

Team 2 Picks

Team 1 Picks

[for WF/LF/GF there is an additional round]:

Team 2 Picks

Team 1 Picks

The final pair of picks will have one of the two randomly discarded, resulting in three (or 5) unique stages. The order is fixed according to the order they were picked in. (In this example, Team 1’s first pick is the first stage, followed by Team 2’s first pick).

Timer: 240 seconds

Winning Team must keep suits and Burst type, Losing Team may switch

These rulesets are subject to change. Any changes to the rules prior to the event will be reflected on this page.