Est. 2015

About Us

What is the United Gaming League (UGL)?

United Gaming League, LLC. (UGL) is a veteran and minority-owned business out of Rockville, MD founded in 2015 providing console and virtual reality (VR) gaming equipment supply, direct marketing, logistics, staffing, and production services to pop culture and esports events across the United States.

Main Goals of UGL

Prove that esports can have a positive impact on society. Potentially surpass the cultural and economic impact that popular sports have around the world.

Work with a client’s existing infrastructure & maximize its full potential Includes working with other organizations that may have existed while supporting the event.

Clients experience relief knowing that we are not endangering their core values, which may affect the interest of attendees that have been loyal with the client from the beginning.

Leonard Bullard

Leonard Bullard

Founder and CEO of UGL

Gaming since the days of the Atari 2600, Leo always had a deep fascination with the
gaming industry. The 90s show, Video Power, gave him his first glimpse of competitive
gaming which fueled his desire to explore its possibilities. While stationed in Korea during
his time in the US Army, Leo witnessed a world where gaming content was nationally
televised, and top gamers were celebrities. All these experiences inspired Leo to create
UGL with the goal of creating a culture of esports that rises to its true potential.